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Posted July 12, 2018 By Excel Homes

Keep cool while sleeping

Posted June 26, 2018 By Excel Homes

Get fit for less

Baking Soda Sparkle
Posted April 11, 2017 By Excel Homes

Earth day: tips for a green spring clean

In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd, we’re sharing some of our favourite eco-friendly cleaning tips. It’s time to raid your pantry, and clean green this spring. All you’ll need is fresh water, vinegar, lemon, baking soda, eco-friendly dish soap, a few old dishcloths and a toothbrush.

Posted January 11, 2017 By Excel Homes

Simple healthy meal ideas

After overindulging throughout the holidays we’re all looking for simple ways to add more nutritious food into our diet. Unfortunately eating healthier can often feel a bit daunting for busy families who are always on the go. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite, simple to make, healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas. We hope you enjoy! 

Posted December 8, 2016 By Excel Homes

The gift of giving

The holiday season is officially upon us. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and hustle and bustle of it all. Parties fill up our calendars and we spend hours at the mall, and online, looking for the perfect gifts. December is also the time of year when those less fortunate feel the hardship of not having enough even more. The gift of giving is a wonderful lesson to share with family. Excel has always felt strongly about giving back to our community, and we encourage others – who are able – to do the same. You’ll find many amazing non-profits to support in Calgary, including the organizations we’ve featured below. 

Posted April 19, 2016 By Excel Homes

Celebrate earth day with your kids

Earth Day is a global celebration that takes place annually on April 22. It’s a day to be mindful of our planet, learn about sustainable practices and honour the environment. To get you in the spirit, we’ve unearthed a few family friendly activities, events and ideas to check out over the coming week. From fairies to fish to farmers – there’s something here to capture the hearts, minds and imagination of your little ones.

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Posted April 12, 2016 By Excel Homes

Eco-friendly spring gardening tips and tricks

The recent streak of warm weather in Calgary has everyone excited about spending more time outdoors. Garden centres are open and it is now time to start thinking about prepping your yard for spring. Make the most of the season and create an outdoor space that is both welcoming and eco-friendly. Check out these green thumb tips to get you started.

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Posted March 22, 2016 By Excel Homes

Make your home clean and green this spring

Spring is the season of new beginnings. Flowers bloom, grass turns green and songbirds return to our gardens. Mother Nature is in her glory and Calgarians embrace every moment. Spring is also the time of year that we open our windows, dust off the cobwebs and scrub down our homes. Unfortunately, some of the cleaning products we use can harm the environment and the people we love. To help you keep your home green and clean we’ve gathered a few of our favourite eco-friendly tips and tricks.

Posted December 22, 2015

Enjoy a happy and healthy new year

The holiday season is upon us, and for most that means endless parties, events and indulgences. You know, like beer, bubbles and baked goods. But try not to worry too much if the festivities cause the notch in your belt...

Posted April 14, 2015

Built green matters

With Earth Day landing on April 22 each year, April is widely celebrated around the world as Earth Month. During this time protecting our natural resources and ecosystem is top of mind. However, respecting and caring for our environment is...

Posted August 5, 2014

Go green go

If you own one of Excel’s Built Green homes, why not clean it with some au-naturale green products to keep your household sparkly and chemical free? Here are a couple of easy and affordable “green” methods for cleaning your home...

Posted September 16, 2013

Excel’s built green homes: gain more financially

Picture this. You've lived in your new home for a couple of years and the family is starting to grow up. Perhaps it's time to move into a larger, more practical home, or maybe the kids have moved out and...