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Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Clark – Sales Team Lead

Meet Jennifer, our exceptional and dedicated Sales Team Lead! With years of experience in various roles in the home building industry, Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge that revolutionized our sales processes. Her guidance and mentorship have nurtured the talents of our sales team, empowering each member to reach their full potential.

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Lifestyle & Design

Exploring the Benefits of a Basement Suite

As property values continue to soar, homeowners are turning to innovative solutions to maximize their investments. One of the most popular solutions is the development of basement suites. Beyond simply providing additional living space, basement suites offer a wide range of benefits for homeowners and renters alike. Here's some reasons why basement suites have become so popular.

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Employee Spotlight: Kevin Kulhavy – Site Assistant Supervisor

Meet Kevin, who plays an integral role on our construction team in Cobblestone Creek. Read more to learn about Kevin and what he enjoys when he's not helping to manage daily construction activities and maintaining quality standards.

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Lifestyle & Design

Landscaping Tips for your New Home

Landscape Design: With the arrival of Alberta’s gardening season, Excel Homes has offered some tips on what you can do to prepare your front and back yard.

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Employee Spotlight: Miraj Qaddami – Home Readiness Technician

We're shining the spotlight on a remarkable individual who represents diversity in action, Miraj Qaddami who happens to be deaf. Despite facing unique challenges, Miraj has not only excelled, but has also become a huge asset to our team as a Home Readiness Technician. Continue reading to learn more about him!

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Home & Family

Family Day Activities in Alberta

Family Day is a day to reflect on the importance of family and spend time together. If you are looking for ideas on the best things to do in Calgary or Edmonton with kids this long weekend, Excel Homes has you covered.

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Employee Spotlight: Megan Erickson, Team Lead – Accounts Payable

Meet Megan Erickson, our exceptional Accounts Payable Team Lead, whose commitment and expertise play an integral role in ensuring that the organization's financial obligations are met accurately and on time. She is the proud parent of two feline fur babies and a bearded dragon! Continue reading to learn more about her!

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Employee Spotlight: Scott Robinson, Director, IT and Business Systems

Warm greetings to our awesome Director of IT and Business Systems, Scott - he is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys travelling and playing with new tech! We talked to Scott to learn more about his hobbies when he's not solving problems with technology. Check it out!

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Real Estate 101

Our top models of 2023

Another year, another one for the books. As we close off a milestone anniversary year in 2023, we're looking back at our most popular models sold in both our Calgary and Edmonton divisions.

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Employee Spotlight: Nichole Thompson, Director, Human Resources

Say hello to our understanding, patient and kind Director of Human Resources, Nichole! She is the driving force behind improved employee engagement, and helping Excel Homes thrive through streamlined and transparent HR practices. Nichole is committed to simplifying and enhancing employee communication for heightened engagement and her track record speaks volumes. Keep reading to learn more about her!

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35 Accomplishments In Our Anniversary Year

As this major milestone comes to an end, and we reflect on the past year, Excel has compiled a list of 35 accomplishments in 2023. Keep reading to learn more!

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We're A Best Employer In North America!

Excel Homes is thrilled to announce that it has been recognized as a Best Employer in North America, as part of Kincentric’s robust assessment that measures and identifies organizations who have transformed their people practices driving better business results.