Not Just Building Homes

We're building communities.


New home ownership made easy.

Your new Excel home is going to be amazing. It will be a place where memories will be made, and life's stories created. As a passionate builder, we’re blazing a new trail in home building –and it all starts with you. We’ve completely re-imagined the home buying and building experience to save you time, add more excitement and fun, and minimize the stress typically associated with this process.

Unfortunately, in a typical home-buying experience in Alberta, the most straightforward part is choosing a community. Then the home-buyers find themselves buried in many decisions, options to choose from, and vendors to visit. In each appointment, they feel pressured to make the right choice from an overwhelming array of options, without the confidence that it will all come together how they envision. Taking days off work to buy more time and get it all done, in the end, they move into their new homes jaded and exhausted.

For all of us at Excel Homes, this is no longer okay. We are blazing the trail and re-imaging the home-buying experience. We are showing how we can make it all simpler, less stressful, more reliable, more fun.

A curated experience.

Did you know that you can design your new home in your community’s sales centre in just one afternoon? We’ll walk you through our colour palettes and curated options that have been already distilled by our professional designers to the choices with the most enduring quality, style and value. At Excel, there’s no shopping from one supplier to the next or making multiple visits to a design centre with endless decisions to make – you pick the colour palette and options that you like best, and you can feel confident knowing it’s going to look good. Really good.

Curated colour palettes and options are just one way we’re putting your experience first, but not the only way. From carefully planned touch points to innovative approaches to service and warranty, we’re continually looking for ways to refine and improve our homeowner’s journey to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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