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2020 new year excel homes
Posted January 7 By Excel Homes

New year’s resolutions

Before we ring in the New Year, many of us make New Year’s resolutions, whether it’s getting organized, saving money, or hitting the gym. But what about your new Excel Home resolutions

Posted November 22 By Excel Homes

Why should you buy a home in winter?

Excel Homes and Jennifer Hunt, Vice President, Research and Investor Relations at the Real Estate Investment Network offers the top reasons why you should consider buying during wintertime

Posted September 16 By Excel Homes

Tips for selling your home

Posted August 7 By Excel Homes

Homeowner associations - are they worth the extra cash?

Seed Vs  Sod
Posted August 5 By Excel Homes

Your yard: seed vs. sod

Posted July 23 By Excel Homes

An introduction to container planting

Posted July 12 By Excel Homes

The 8 do's of landscaping

Posted July 3 By Excel Homes

The down low on purchase to possession

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Posted February 23 By Excel Homes

Handy dandy moving checklist

Mhgy Waverley Prairie Couple Kitchen Steph C 1
Posted January 25 By Excel Homes

Clever housewarming gift ideas (that work even if you're on a budget)

Posted June 20 By Excel Homes

At home: vacation checklist for your garden

In last week’s blog we discussed getting your home vacation-ready. This week, we’re sharing tips and tricks for preparing your garden!

Hathaway Sav Great Room
Posted June 13 By Excel Homes

At home: vacation checklist part one

The kids are almost finished school and your summer vacation plans are likely set. Visiting out-of-town family, camping trips and maybe even a holiday abroad are in the calendar. However, before you travel, be sure to review our handy vacation checklist to help ready your home for while you’re away. Bon voyage!