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Winter Home Checklist

Winter is here and with the days getting shorter and weather taking a nosedive, we want to make sure you are fully equipped with your Winter Home Maintenance checklist.

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Fall Home Checklist

The leaves are changing and so are your furnace filters! Learn more about how we recommend you prepare your home for this new season.

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Home Tips & Tricks

5 tips to keeping your closet organized.

Click to read our top tips and tricks about how to make every inch in your closet count!

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Home Tips & Tricks

Your Summer maintenance checklist.

Summer is a great season to tackle all sorts of things that are important to keep your Excel home running smoothly and safely.

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Home tips for Earth Day.

Small but impactful ways you can celebrate Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary

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Top landscaping tips for your home.

Front yard curb appeal sets the tone for how your home is perceived! Make the most of your landscaping with a few tips and tricks

Home Tips & Tricks

Your Spring Maintenance Checklist

It's officially spring and the annual ritual of spring cleaning is upon us - it can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be!

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New years resolutions for 2020.

Before we ring in the New Year, many of us make New Year’s resolutions, whether it’s getting organized, saving money, or hitting the gym. But what about your new Excel Home resolutions

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Why should you buy a home in Winter?

Excel Homes and Jennifer Hunt, Vice President, Research and Investor Relations at the Real Estate Investment Network offers the top reasons why you should consider buying during wintertime

Home Tips & Tricks

Tips for selling your home.

Real Estate 101 Home Tips & Tricks

Homeowner associations: Are they worth the extra cash?

Home Tips & Tricks

Your yard: Seed vs. Sod.