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The rise of multi-generational living.

Canadian stats show the growing attractiveness and value of multigenerational living situations. Likewise, the figures explain why this societal shift has changed the way developers, like Excel Homes, adapt to these changes.

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Bungalow or a Two-Storey Home?

The first-floor master bedrooms is a trend that is here to stay!

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Your home: The Webster

Our newest introduction to the Excel Homes model lineup is the Webster! Learn more about this brand new design and why it should be a space you call home.

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Your home: The Hillside

Our Hillside model is newly released and we wanted to share with you why Excel Homes believes this will be a perfect space for you and your family to grow.

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Benefits of a laned home.

Laned homes’ modern design and affordable prices appeal to all buyers!

Real Estate 101

Your Home: The Southport

Our team at Excel Homes have designed some pretty amazing homes...and the Southport is one of them! Learn more about our Southport model and why it could be the perfect home for you and your family.

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6 advantages of living in a Holland Park townhome.

Our Holland Park townhomes offer an array of advantages to first time home buyers. Not only are they South Calgary's BEST VALUED townhomes but we have laid out the top six reasons to move into one of these homes today!

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Top 5 reasons to buy a quick possession home.

From time to time, Excel Homes has an existing inventory of stunning brand-new homes available for immediate sale. No waiting 7 to 9 months! We are proud to announce that for a limited time, they are featuring a wide inventory of beautiful move-in ready homes in several communities across Calgary.

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Excel Homes' guide to the First Time Homebuyer Initiative.

The Government of Canada is releasing an all-new program called the "First Time Homebuyer Initiative" on September 2, 2019 to help brand new homebuyers start their home ownership dream more easily. Check out how this works in more detail with examples in this handy little infographic.

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6 most-asked condo questions.

What is a condo? What are the advantages to buying a condo? Know all about your home buying options with Excel Homes as we answer these questions in a little FAQ and many more.

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Upgrades that help to add value to your home.

Real Estate 101 Home Tips & Tricks

Homeowner associations: Are they worth the extra cash?