Top 5 reasons to buy a quick possession home.

Real Estate 101

From time to time, Excel Homes has an existing inventory of stunning brand-new homes available for immediate sale. No waiting 7 to 9 months! We are proud to announce that for a limited time, they are featuring a wide inventory of beautiful move-in ready homes in several communities across Edmonton and Calgary.

You might have seen or heard the term Quick Possession Homes for sale … but what exactly does a Quick Possession home actually mean?

Well, they are homes that are either move-in sooner or inventory homes that are already completed or nearing completion. From time to time, Excel Homes has an existing inventory of beautiful brand-new homes available for immediate sale. No waiting 7 to 9 months!

Here are a few reasons why a Quick Possession home just might be the right choice for you:

1) Convenience: Save time! This is a great advantage for those homebuyers who are relocating or need a new home fast because a Quick Possession home is ready when you are. There is little to no construction scheduling or waiting involved; if there is it is usually only a matter of a few months wait time.

2) Move-in ready: What you see is what you get. For some people, buying a new home sight unseen can be rather daunting, especially for first-time homebuyers. When you buy a Quick Possession home, you can touch and see the quality of the finishes. There are no surprises because you know exactly what you are purchasing. Having said that, sometimes, depending on the stage of construction, there is a window of opportunity to do a little customization. Just talk to one of our friendly Excel Homes staff to find out what possibilities exist to personalize your Quick Possession home.

3) Great incentives/upgrades: one of the best perks – besides moving in sooner – are the incentives and upgrades that may be included with a Quick Possession home. Those upgrades could incorporate fancier fixtures, cabinets and flooring, which all add up to more value for your purchase price and a better resale advantage in the future. It could also mean a discount on the purchase price.

4) Set Prices: If you are on a tight budget or concerned about overruns and need to know exactly what you will pay; Quick Possession homes are the perfect answer. Knowing upfront precisely how much your new home will cost and be assured that they won’t go over budget, can go a long way to alleviate a lot of the stress of buying a new home.

5) Peace of Mind: Like any other Excel Homes purchase, your Quick Possession home is still covered under our comprehensive warranties. Now, isn’t that reassuring?

With a limited number of homes available, (a select few of these homes include the furniture as well), this is your chance to own your very own turnkey dream home in 2019! Click here to view available Quick Possession homes – excellent opportunity that we believe you won’t want to miss!