Winter is Coming: Prepare Your Yard

Posted September 14, 2018 By Excel Homes

The days are the shorter, the leaves are beginning to fall, and the cardigans have come out of hiding. You know what this means - winter is not far off now. 

By partaking in a bit of fall landscaping you can help ensure that all of the hard work you put into your yard won't be wiped away by mounds of snow and frigid temperatures.

Winter in Calgary is particularly difficult for plants because the rapid warmth brought on by Chinooks cause them to leave dormancy and take on water. Once temperatures drop again, these water-filled cells freeze and die, causing often irreparable damage to the plant. 

However, if you prepare properly, your lawn doesn’t need to endure the winter blues. Follow these easy steps to help prevent winter injury.

1. Keep your lawn at around 3 inches (about 7.5cm). This will help to protect your lawn from winter winds.

2. Don’t leave a thick layer of leaves on your lawn. Doing so will only provide a new home for mice, voles, and snow mould.

3. Ensure that you don’t overwater your grass before the winter sets. Over watering the grass loosens the soil, which makes your yard an easy target for voles’ tunnels.

4. Apply fertilizer before the first frost. Fertilizer rich in nitrogen and potassium helps grass to store carbohydrates, which increases its chance of fighting off winter death and disease.

5. If your lawn suffered from last year’s winter, consider a fall aeration. Fall aeration increases new root growth by opening up the root zone, since grass enhances its root system in the autumn.

If winter injury does occur despite your best efforts, stay tuned in the spring for how to fix any dead spots or disease!

Need help prepping your yard for the winter? Contact Alpine Vista Landscapes for more on fall clean-ups at [email protected] or 403-701-7544