New Year’s Resolutions

Posted January 7, 2020 By Excel Homes

Since the New Year is symbolic of new beginnings, Excel Homes has put together a list of our top picks on how to make your home safer, cleaner, more efficient and greener.


1) Smoke detectors: If you don’t have smoke detectors, buy them ASAP. If you already have installed smoke detectors in your home, this is a good time to ensure they are working properly. Test your smoke alarms, and do so monthly. In addition, safety experts suggest creating and practicing an emergency fire escape plan with your family.

2) Keep medications, chemicals and cleaners away from little hands: Ensure all of your medications, household chemicals and cleaners are out of reach, or in locked cabinets. Make sure everyone in the family knows where the Alberta Poison Control hotline number (1-800-332-1414) is posted – ideally near your home telephone.

3) Kitchen Safety 101: If you have little ones in the family, then you know the importance of never leaving the room when the stove is on, or to keep out of reach any kitchen gadget that could pose danger (like pot handles or knives in your wooden block that toddlers are curious about). Also, keep hot tea and hot foods out of the way as they can scald a child easily.


1) Refrigerator: In the spirit of "in with the new and out with the old" give your refrigerator a really good clean and get rid of expired food items … because really, who wants smelly old food or a mouldy science project lurking in the fridge?

2) Mop those floors: Let's assume you’ve taken down the Christmas tree and all the decorations are back in storage (don't worry we haven't either). Before you put our furniture back in place, vacuum and then grab that mop and wash the floors.

3) Declutter room to room: Decluttering is a sure-fire way to rejuvenate any room. There’s nothing like getting rid of old or unused items to give you and your home a new lease on life. The more you create space, the more relaxing and inviting your home will be. For those who fear to embrace decluttering, start small and this will get you used to the idea of decluttering and create momentum.

Finally, a time-saver tip. Keep all of your cleaners, as well as rubber gloves and spare cleaning cloths, in a portable carryall that moves with you from room to room.

CUT DOWN ON HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES (Small changes mean more money in your pocket)

  • Unplug small appliances and electronics, including the coffee maker, radio and the seldom-used television in the basement.
  • Swap your standard light bulbs for LED ones, each one can potentially save you at least $15-20 in energy savings over the lifetime of the bulb.
  • Replace your thermostat with a programmable one. Then, schedule it to have the heating and cooling shut off when you’re not at home.
  • Set your dishwasher on the light setting and skip the heat/dry cycle on your dishwasher. Your dishes will come out just as clean as on the normal cycle
  • Wash your clothes on the cold cycle. They come out just as clean as if you used hot/warm.


  • Compost as much of your waste a possible
  • Use reusable bags for all of your shopping
  • If you can, stop purchasing reusable water bottles and replace them with an inexpensive reusable one
  • Turn off lights when you leave the room
  • Not only does using cold water in the wash save money but it's eco-friendly too!

Meantime, everyone at Excel Homes wishes you a safe, happy and healthy 2020.