Excel’s Built Green Homes: Reducing Your Footprint

Posted September 10

Do you take tote bags to the food store instead of using plastic bags? Maybe you’ve installed energy-efficient light bulbs in your household? If you replied yes to both questions, you’re obviously interested in reducing your carbon footprint in some way. Congratulations! If everybody on this earth did the same thing we’d all be making a considerable difference to this planet’s long term future. But for now, let’s just focus on you!

Did you know that when you purchase a home with Excel, your new home automatically includes:

  • Water saving toilets
  • Low-flow showers
  • Bath fan timers
  • Energy-rated appliances and more.

As you'll notice, by simply buying a home with Excel you're reducing your carbon footprint and improving your energy efficiency too. All of our homes are focused on energy, electrical and water efficiency so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re helping to preserve our resources for our children and future generations to come. Plus, you’re providing your family with a cleaner, healthier home and lifestyle too.

Bonus Fun Fact: All new Excel homes are also given a "blower door" test to ensure that there is significantly less air leakage than non-Built Green homes. This means you save energy (and money) because the warm air stays in and the cold air out (or vice versa) plus there also aren’t any annoying drafts throughout your home. It's a win-win situation.

It’s important to note that these advanced “green” building technologies are included at no extra costs to you. Speak to the Area Manager in your preferred community for more information. We are extremely proud of this program and are always willing to chat about its wonderful benefits to you and our environment. With a Built Green home by Excel, the benefits keep on growing and we will continue to explain the financial benefits next week. Stay tuned!