At Home: Growing an Edible Garden in Calgary

Home Tips & Tricks

· Kale. This cold weather plant is hearty and can withstand Calgary’s unpredictable weather. Seeds should be planted about 3” apart and a ½ inch deep. Kale Caesar salads, kale chips and pan-fried kale are some of our favourite ways to use this nutrient rich green.

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· Zucchini. With full sun exposure, zucchini does very well in Calgary. It grows quickly, so you won’t have to wait long to harvest. Place a couple of seeds in rows about 18” apart and 1” deep. Use your harvest in spaghetti sauce, make zoodles with a spiralizer, or bake bread, muffins and cookies with it.


· Lettuce. Summer is salad season, and growing lettuce will save you a bundle at the grocery store. Butter, leaf and Romaine grow well in Calgary. Sprinkle the seeds in rows and cover with about a ¼” of dirt. As lettuce grows quickly, replant every two weeks to replenish your harvest.

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· Beets. This antioxidant rich veggie, is easy to grow and delicious pickled, roasted and thinly sliced in salads. Each seed will produce several individual beets, so place them about 1” deep and 3” apart.

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· Peas. Your kids will love helping you harvest sugar snap peas, and this cold-weather veggie grows beautifully in Calgary. Plant the seeds an inch below the surface, and about 2” apart, along a trellis or fence, which will support the peas as they grow.

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· Herbs. Mint, dill, rosemary, chives, oregano and basil all do well in Calgary if planted from seedlings. With ample sunlight, and watering, you’ll have fragrant herbs at your fingertips throughout the summer.

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· Calgary Gardening Resources. You’ll find some excellent online resources for growing edible gardens in Calgary, including Calgary Garden Coach’s planting timeline. Visit your local garden store for more tips, and expert advice. Happy planting!

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-by Mhairri Woodhall