Virtuo: Simplifying your next move.

Home & Family

Once exclusive to five-star hotels and luxury retailers, concierge-style service has found a home for itself at Excel Homes.

As one of Calgary’s premier builders, we are always looking for ways to heighten our families’ new home journey – making their moves as seamless and stress-free as possible. That’s why we are proud to introduce our partnership with Virtuo. This Calgary-based company is dedicated to friendly, professional, (and most importantly) complimentary concierge services to help simplify your move.

How does Virtuo work?

Once you've purchased your Excel home and completed the Home Selection Process, your Virtuo New Home Concierge Partner will reach out to you to find out exactly what services you need. Whether it's assistance with internet hook-up, electronics installation, transferring utilities, or insurance planning, your concierge will be there for you!

Our concierge program offers three tiers of services:

  1. Home Setup
  2. Move and Relocation
  3. Domestic

Home Setup

Don't sweat it - Virtuo will take care of the following:

  • Orchestrating the countless steps that follow the purchase of a property by offering homebuyers a human-led concierge service through their app
  • Handling all the logistical details, whether you're looking for the best rate on a rental truck or entrusting the entire move to a moving company
  • Simplifying your life by coordinating complimentary services such as setting up appointments for your cable, internet setup and transfer, and utility hookups
  • Optional services (for a fee): professional organizers, handyman services, furniture assembly, TV mounting, and more

Move and Relocation Services

As you approach your upcoming move into your new Excel home, you will have plenty of tasks to complete. Virtuo can make your move less taxing, more organized and more efficient. How, you ask? They can offer information about the best packing supplies and competitive moving estimates. They can also assist in managing the moving process so that it's done right.

For a fee, they can access portable storage, dumpster and junk removal, and even hire someone to collect your empty moving boxes from your home. And if you don't like packing, they can provide packing assistance too!

Domestic Services

Okay, you're all moved into your beautiful Excel home. Perhaps you moved from a different city and want to hire a cleaning service but don't know where to start looking? Or the idea of mowing your lawn or shovelling snow after a long workday makes you groan? Not to worry. Virtuo has done the legwork for you through researching and compiling a trusted network of service providers to get the job done right.

Through their mobile app, you can access the best, top-rated handyman services, window or furnace cleaners, snow and lawn services, and house cleaners...just to name a few! Virtuo can customize a program that will fit into your lifestyle (and budget!) whenever you may need a helping hand.

Having a little extra help around your house allows you to spend more time with your loved ones or enjoy your favourite activities in life. At Excel Homes, we are happy to help however we can, which is why we knew partnering with Virtuo was something our homebuyers would love!

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