The Lifestyle You Deserve - Lock & Leave Living

Posted August 26, 2018 By Excel Homes

Chances are you’ve heard of lock and leave living. While not an entirely new concept, it has been gaining popularity over the last few years. 

Many retired or soon-to-retired couples are choosing to simplify their lives and embrace the lock and leave lifestyle. As more young people begin to enter the housing market, they too are also looking for developments that offer them the ability to lock and leave. Busy schedules, long hours, and travelling for mean more and more millennials are choosing convenience over space.

Excel’s newest multi-family project, Holland Park in SE Calgary is comprised of 126 units across 21 buildings, offering 11 different floorplans. These contemporary townhomes offer everything you’d find in a single family home, just in a smaller space. They also include condo fees which often come with a negative stigma, however; condo fees are what allow people to live a lock and leave lifestyle. There’s no need to worry about maintaining the exterior of your home, partaking in weekly landscaping chores, or rushing outside to shovel a foot of snow, as condo fees cover all of these mundane tasks.

Are you ready to embrace your free time and start living a lock and leave lifestyle? Then read on for all of the perks!

Live in the moment

Residing in a development that offers you the ability to lock and leave allows you more free time to simply live your best life. There’s no need to worry about having to bother a neighbour to shovel your driveway while you’re on vacation or have a relative stop by to mow the lawn because the condo board takes care of all these worries for you.

Get outside and connect

Many new townhome and condo developments are now constructed with outdoor space (or lack thereof in mind). Since yards are small or perhaps non-existent in most multi-family developments, many developers are taking this into account and incorporating green spaces for residents to play and get to know one another.

Holland Park will feature a green space as well a community garden. Enjoy playing with your pup in the courtyard or growing your own herbs and spices in the community garden – either way, this development offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sunshine!

 Embrace technology

With such a wide array of smart home technology on the market, it’s easier than ever to embrace the lock and leave lifestyle. Our smartphones allow us to close the garage, adjust the thermostat, and check the cameras all from the convenience of the palm of our hand. You can leave the country and still have the ability to monitor your home. While all of these high tech gadgets may not appeal to people of retirement age, they’re definitely what millennials are looking for in a home. Many young people are choosing to incorporate smart home features into their own houses, even if they don’t live in multi-family developments.

Holland Park offers the ability to have a Nest tech package built into your home. No fussing around after moving in to add additional wires – we take care of all of it for you! Enjoy complete control of your home from your phone. You’re already on it all the time anyway – you may as well adjust the temperature before you get home.

Right size your life

Moving into a smaller space means you will have less room for all of your knick-knacks, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Taking a look at your material possessions gives you the opportunity to assess what’s most important to you. Decluttering your home brings in positive energy and allows you to live with what you only need. It also gives you the chance to give back. Donate clothes you haven’t worn in the past six months to a local shelter or see if you can trade in oversized furniture for smaller pieces better suited for your new space.

Choosing a multi-family development has become increasingly popular over the last few years. People recognize that time is money and there are much better ways to spend their free time that don’t include maintaining the exterior of their homes. Passing the worry onto someone else frees up space in your life to do things you genuinely love. So, go on, take a look at Holland Park, and begin to live your best life lock and leave style.

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