The ABC's of Prepping for Back to School

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As summer comes to an end, parents across Alberta are starting to think about the back to school season. After nearly three months of carefree summer days and extended evenings, it can be hard to get back into the rhythm of a regular schedule — for both kids and adults.

To help make the transition a little smoother, Excel Homes has put together some helpful tips.


You might get a few groans from your children, but a couple of weeks before school begins, set your kids’ sleep schedules back to school times. It may take a couple days or weeks for their bodies to adjust to the new sleep schedule. Set a reasonable bedtime hour, so they are well-rested and ready to learn.

Creating good habits will make busy school mornings run more smoothly. Lay out your little kid's clothes the night before, while their older siblings can lay out their school clothes themselves. Another great tip is to prepare your child's lunch the night before, while your older children can help fill their water bottles or pack their own lunches for the next morning. This will save time and frustration for the whole family in the morning, and you might even get a few more minutes of precious sleep time.

Ensure that your children are alert and ready to learn by feeding them a well balanced breakfast before school each morning. Maybe your teen snoozed through their alarm and doesn't have time for breakfast, or your youngest isn’t hungry yet. Research proves over and over again how important a well-balanced breakfast is for children of all ages.


Most children attend preschool these days, but going to elementary school can be a little scary for some children. It can be their first time in a structured school setting, and for others, it’s going from a small classroom to a big room with lots of other kids.

Over the next couple of weeks before school begins, practice activities your child will be doing in class, like forming letters and sounding out letters while reading to them. By doing these simple tasks, you will help your child get excited about learning. Another great tip is to organize play dates with your child’s friends (ideally those who will be attending the same school), so that they can practice their socialization skills. Also recognizing familiar faces at school may help calm their nerves.


Back to school shopping means more than stocking up on a few pencils and notebooks. Besides checking flyers for the best deals, go through your house, as you just might have a few school supplies laying around. Go through your home office, closets, and basement storage bins and you’ll most likely find pens, paper, and more.

Kids can be rough on their backpacks, so if it looks worn and tired, it might be time for a new one. Take your children with you to ensure the backpack is the right size. Backpacks that do not fit properly, or are used incorrectly, can cause back and shoulder strain or pain.

Most children get very excited about heading back to school when they are involved in the shopping process. Shopping for supplies and clothes, makes the adjustment easier for most kids because it can be fun, especially if they have a say in some of the clothing purchase.

Check through your child's wardrobe to see what they have outgrown and what they will need. Certain things, like shoes, need to be tried on, so make a day out of it by taking a shopping trip. Experts also say that allowing your children pick out a few clothing items means so much to them and helps them develop a sense of individuality.


One thing you can start off with to ensure homework success, is creating a quiet, distraction-free space for your children, with great lighting and comfy seats. If they don’t already have a study space, such as a desk in their bedroom, having their own designated study space will help them be as productive and efficient as possible.

If you don’t have room for a separate desk in their bedrooms, most families use the kitchen island or table. This is a perfect situation when there are little kids around, as mom and dad can be there for guidance and help. It can also be helpful to have a designated bin or shelf to put their home supplies in when not in use.

Excel Homes hopes your children have a great 2023/2024 school year, filled with new challenges and friendships.