Fall Decor Tips to Bring the Season's Inspiration Indoors

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You can smell it in the air, autumn is finally here! As the cooler temperatures arrive, we innately want to start cocooning. The start of fall is the perfect time to combine a dash of ambition, some autumn colours, and a few pumpkins to give your house a quick fall makeover. Excel Homes’ partners with Designer’s Edge for all their interior design needs. Ashley Dolph, an interior designer with Designer's Edge, and her team offer up fabulous inspirational tips to make this season your best yet!

Trendy Tips for Easy Fall Décor

Embrace fall décor by switching out your light and airy summer accessories for a more warm and neutral palette. Layering darker hues with lighter ones creates a nice contrast. Instead of the typical fall colours, such as classic orange, burgundy and black, adopt muted tones. This season sees a return to simple, restrained palettes, and being close to nature has moved from greens of the forest to a soft, neutral palette of deep beiges, dark blues or burnt orange, paired with cream in linens and cotton.

When thinking of texture, opt for cozy and comfortable textiles that will help the room maintain its comfy vibe. Consider wicker baskets, or swap your clay décor for brass, copper, and gold accessories, while bulky, knitted blankets and pillows add the finishing touches to warm up your space. Nothing livens up a room more than plants; whether it's Pampas, dark leaves or branches, you will visually show the wonderful change of seasons.

Candles, don’t we love them in any season? Candles maximize ambiance and add mood lighting when the sun goes down, all the while filling your home with wonderful scents. Whether you like delectable aromas of cinnamon, vanilla, and hazelnuts, or fresh woodsy notes of cedarwood, moss, fir, and oak trees, you’ll find the best candles to bring the smell of fall into your home.

Creating a Fall-inspired Bedroom

You can create your dreamy bedroom with some simple additions, like combining texture and neutral colours, such as a knit throw blanket for your bed paired with two or four patterned or textured pillows. “Another great piece to add is an area rug, as it grounds the space and brings a sense of warmth overall. If you’re looking for a place to shop locally, we love to shop at Labode in Calgary for décor pieces or even blankets and linens,” says Ashley.

Easy DIY Decor Ideas

Gather around on those chilly nights, warm drink in hand and the scent of pumpkin spice wafting. You are now ready for some fun and easy DIY projects, starting with making your own wreath. First off, pick up some wire and twine to craft the ring, then you are free to start decorating with dried flowers and foliage, ribbon, or even live greenery, like eucalyptus.

Garlands are also an eye-catching decoration that will accent your colour scheme, or can also be used to highlight certain other hues you’ve chosen. These can be knitted ornaments or crafty finds like wood beads or leaves, or you can purchase real props from the store as well. Additionally, inexpensive and versatile, a grapevine gives your DIY wreath a rustic touch of class.

The season's best produce can also serve as a resource for fresh DIY fall crafts. Try carving out squash, pumpkin and gourds to turn them into vessels for beautiful fall blooms

Lest we forget the mantel and dining room centrepiece

Timeless, elegant autumn fabric runners, candles, brass or metal candle stick holders, neutral or deep colour foliage, as well as artwork or mirrors, are all great beautifying pieces that can be used as a centrepiece or placed on your mantel.

Centrepieces can be as simple as stringing greenery or binding together anything seasonal, which may consist of art or anything that you love. You can even add fresh flowers. Other simple, yet gorgeous centrepieces include adding greenery in your favourite bowl or mason jars, or going simplistic with a wooden board topped with pots, orbs and candles.

Another impressive hint is layering accessories along your table – these should consists of visually different heights, weights and stature, however they should all work together in a cohesive fashion.

Welcome Guests in Style

Welcome guests to your home by embracing nature’s gifts. Cornstalks, baskets of bright mums, and plenty of pumpkins gathered on this front door showcase a classic autumn vibe. An outdoor rug to place at the front door brings comfort while being practical and an added bonus of keeping dirt from entering your home.