Excel Organization Series: Perfect Pantries

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January is the ideal month for organizing and planning. A well stocked pantry is a great way to get your kitchen in order, help with meal planning and keep your family on track with healthy homemade recipes. To get you started we’ve come up with tips and tricks to organize and properly stock your pantry.

  • Clean it Out. Clear everything off the shelves and toss all expired and stale products. Make a food bank pile for any unopened items that your family isn’t likely to use. Wipe down the shelves and vacuum up the crumbs.
  • Fresh Goods. All dried goods have a shelf life. White flour for instance can last up to three months at room temperature, while spices can be stored for up to year before loosing their aroma. Learn more about which products are best stored in the fridge or freezer!
  • Air Tight. Storage containers will help keep your ingredients fresh and your shelves organized. We love this 1-piece set from Oxo and these Anchor Hocking stackable glass canisters.
  • Spice it Up. Organize your spices with this handy stackable organizer. Or save some money by buying in bulk and storing spices in reusable spice jars.
  • Love Labels. Make your pantry pretty and productive with adorable vintage labels. Check out Lia Griffith’s blog for a little inspiration and free printable pantry labels.
  • Basket Case. Store loose items in baskets to keep them organized – baking, pasta, snacks, dried beans, etc.
  • Plan Plan Plan. Meal planning will save you money and time. Create or buy a meal planning and pantry inventory kit to laminate and hang in your pantry. Simply check of items that need replacing and use the list to guide your grocery shopping.
  • Pantry Basics. When it’s time to stock your perfect pantry check out the queen of cuisine’s – Martha Stewart – comprehensive grocery list.