Excel Organization Series: Gorgeous Garages

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  • Clear it Out. Take a complete inventory of your garage and be ruthless. The goal? Eliminate as many useless, broken and unused items as possible.

Ask Bob Carr

  • Clean it Up. Sweep, scrub, polish and perhaps even paint. The more pristine your garage looks, the more likely you are to maintain it.

All Garage Floors

  • Get Your Group On. Categorize your items for storage by use and season. Once everything is sorted and stored neatly in plastic bins, grab your gun and start labeling.

The Garden Glove

  • Get Vertical. Use your garage walls and ceiling for storage. Overhead shelving, wall mounted bike racks and grid organizers will drastically increase the amount of available storage space.

A Bowl Full of Lemons

  • Marvelous Mud Room. If you have an attached garage, create a mini mudroom. Store wet boots, bulky backpacks, umbrellas and jackets without cluttering up your entryway.

Simply Organized

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By- Mhairri Woodhall