Employee Spotlight: Naume Mutambo, Accounts Payable Team Lead

Posted April 11 By Excel Homes

Naume is a seasoned payroll professional, who over the past 15 plus years has worked in various industries allowing her an opportunity to diversify her skills to full cycle accounting. Since Naume has taken over both payroll and Accounts Payable there have been various and significant improvements to the processes. A firm believer in order and communication, Naume strives to ensure that information is shared to ensure efficiency. She enjoys a challenge and working in construction offers its own diversity to her day to day and compliments her two roles. She has been with Excel for over a year now and believes in continuous improvement, which is why is currently studying for her CPM, which she hopes will lead to growth within Excel. Outside of the office, Naume is a mother, student, and a volunteer Sunday school teacher at her Church. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking for her family, old British comedies/shows, long walks, and hanging out with her two wonderful kids.