Employee Spotlight: Alannah Holliday - Site Assistant

Posted July 23 By Excel Homes

Alanah Holliday

Our highly skilled construction team works long hours behind the scenes to ensure we have a quality-built product to turn over to our homeowners on the day of their possession. In order to make all of this happen, we rely on our teams on site to keep things on track and on schedule. One of our most vibrant, hard working, and down to earth Site Assistants is Alanah Holliday.

Alanah has been with Excel for just over a year and a half, and within that short amount of time she has gone from being a Labourer to a Site Assistant. Before coming to Excel, she worked as a heavy equipment operator but had hit a stand-still in her career as there was no opportunity for growth. After asking around she was told to try applying at Excel, as we were currently hiring Labourers. Alanah shares that it was at her first interview that she knew this was a place and a team she wanted to be a part of. She said the staff within the office gave her an incredible first impression and she knew she had found her fit.

If anyone knows and understands how much work goes into our homes, it’s Alanah. The entire team – from sales to office to site – goes through so much preparation and hard work to ensure we are able to deliver homeowners their dream home. She shares that seeing happy and excited homeowners on their possession day is definitely the most rewarding part of her job. Not only is it a special day for the homeowners themselves, it’s also a special day for Alanah as she sees that all of her hard work has paid off.

When she’s not busy looking over plans or checking the little details in our homes, Alanah enjoys playing football. She actually plays on the Calgary Women’s CFL team, which takes up a good portion of her free time. She does share that like many of us, she still indulges in lazy Sundays though, which usually consists of her staying in bed until noon and not engaging in any work or football whatsoever. A break is important for the mind and body, and we are glad to hear our staff members feel the same way.

Alanah is a team player through and through. She’s very humble and shares that her role presents her with new challenges every day, she adds that there isn't a day where she doesn’t learn something new. Alanah says the entire team at Excel is amazing, full of talent and ambition, and everyone works together to achieve the same goals. There is no doubt in her mind that the next year will be filled with growth, for both her personally and for Excel as a whole, as we continue to move forward and offer new and exciting ideas in the market.