Discover New & Fun Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Posted October 3, 2018 By Excel Homes

Thanksgiving is the official start of the holiday season, which means pumpkin everything (until mid-November, when peppermint begins to dominate) and plenty of quality time with friends and family. We’ve rounded up our best ideas to help you create new memories and traditions this Thanksgiving, ensuring you get the most out of your turkey day.

1. Arrive early for dinner. An extra day off and a free meal can make it tempting to laze around all afternoon and show up to your family’s house right before dinner is served, but don’t be that person this year. It will mean the world to your parents and grandparents to have a couple of extra hours with you and the chance to catch up before everyone else arrives for dinner.

2. Bring a dish for dinner or a gift for the host. If you’ve hosted a family gathering before then you know it’s not cheap! Help out whoever is hosting this year by offering to bring a dish. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a simple veggie tray or freshly baked brownies will go a long way. If the host has everything covered, bring them something you know they’ll enjoy, whether it be fresh flowers or a bottle of red wine.

3. Go for a walk. Alberta’s cool Fall days make for perfect walking weather. Wrangle up the entire family and hit the streets of your neighbourhood, or venture down along the river and take in the beautiful colours of the season. There’s plenty of pubs and cafes along the way to stop in and get your caffeine fix or get the party started a bit early.

4. Have everyone share something they’re thankful for. This may sound extremely cliché and corny, but it helps give everyone else at the table a better understanding of each other’s lives. It doesn’t need to be something extravagant, simply being thankful for your health is more than enough. You never what can happen between now and next year, so make sure to share while you still have the chance.

5. Take a family photo. Technology has come so far that we sometimes take it for granted. We’re so quick to snap photos of things on our phones, but we often forget to take photos of our friends and family. Gather everyone around and take a picture of the entire family. You’ll be grateful to have it to look back on after the kids have all grown up, or certain family members are no longer around for the photo.

6. Partake in charity. What better day to volunteer for a charitable cause or lend a hand than on Thanksgiving? Help hand out food packs the week before the big day, or serve a hot meal on the day of. Giving back to those in need will make you realize how lucky and fortunate you truly are, and you’ll get to help make someone else’s Thanksgiving a little more special as well.

Thanksgiving means something different to everyone. Whatever it means to you, do something to make it a little extra special. If you have no family in town then use the day to volunteer with your spouse, or for those who have recently welcomed a new member to the family or lost one - start your own new traditions.