Boyce Law - Your Trusted Legal Partner

Posted July 2, 2020 By Excel Homes

Part of our 2020 objectives as a company was to simplify the journey to new home ownership for all Albertans, this was our Excel promise to you. This was done through a number of new initiatives including our move-in concierge services, mortgage down-payment assistance and third-party legal assistance. As part of this commitment, we have enlisted the services of our trusted legal partners at Boyce Law.

Many homebuyers are not aware that they will require legal assistance to complete their purchase, sale, refinance or closing documentations for their home. The cost for these services may vary, but on average are approximately $1,200. The best part of this new partnership, Excel Homes is covering these legal fees!

Our combined efforts with Boyce Law will not only ease the process for all new homeowners but will also ensure that you are comfortable and confident moving into your new home.

Who is Boyce Law?

They are a boutique law firm, who specializes in real estate as well as wills and estates. Boyce Law's main goal is to help you cross the finish line into new homeownership. The principal lawyer, Sarah Boyce, attended the University of Ottawa for her law degree and was subsequently called to the Alberta Bar in 2013 and the British Columbia Bar in 2017. She has a strong and in-depth understanding of the real estate and new construction world and is here to ensure you have all the resources necessary to complete your home buying experience.

She noted that her team "[...] knows that purchasing a home can be stressful, whether it’s your first home or tenth, so we at Boyce Law prioritize customer service and communication to simplify the legal home-buying process so you can focus on the important things, like where to put your furniture in your new home and exploring your new community."

What services do they provide?

Boyce Law is able to offer Excel Homes homeowners an array of services including:

  • Home Conveyance - The act of transferring property from one party to another
  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Land Titles, Municipal Searches and Transfers of Land
  • Refinances - Including mortgage and line of credit registration

We are excited to have Sarah and her team join our mission on simplifying the home buying process. Click to learn more about Boyce Law and how they will work for you.