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Back to School: The Basics

Home & Family
  • Ease In. Now is the time to prepare your family for an earlier wake-up time. Gradually introducing a new schedule will make things easier for everyone on the first day of school.

Tech Spot

  • Central Intelligence. Create a central family calendar to help with scheduling pick-ups, drop-offs, activities and appointments. There are many options available, including printable templates, online calendars – like Google – and family focused Apps.

Wall Alternatives

  • Take Inventory. Before hitting the mall – or web (a busy parent’s favourite) – to shop for back to school clothes and supplies, go through your children’s closets and cupboards to see what still fits, and to determine what items are needed.

Baby Center

  • Meal Planning. Building a meal calendar is one of the best ways to save time and money. Choose from online apps or simple printable calendars.

Magnolia Market

  • Stock Up. Fill your fridge and pantry with healthy lunch, snack and grab and go items. We’re huge fans of Superstore’s online Click and Collect shopping program, which allows you to personalize your storefront.


  • Space Saver. Bulky backpacks, jackets and books can quickly create chaos in your household. A quick fall clean is a great way to prepare and organize for all of your children’s school supplies.

Thrifty and Thriving

  • Check & Connect. Hectic schedules often result in less time spent as a family. Family dinners and planning some dedicated one-on-one time with your kids – and partner – are a couple of ways to connect with loved ones during the busy school year.

Families for Life

- by Mhairri Woodhall