We Fit Your Timeline - Move Into a New Home in 90 Days!

Posted September 4 By Excel Homes

Looking to move into a brand new home but don’t have the time to wait for 6-10 months while your new home is being built? Then you’re in luck! We fit YOUR timeline.

At Excel, we are currently offering homeowners the opportunity to build a brand-new home within 90 days on select lots in Calgary within the desirable communities of Carrington, Savanna, Mahogany, and Walden. This shortened build time doesn’t change anything, all homes will include the buyer’s own design selections including colour schemes, features, and finishes.

Intrigued? Read on for more information regarding our Quick Build 90-Day home building program

At Excel Homes, we have always strived to do things differently, which is why we took a good long hard look at our build times and knew that we could improve upon them. Being a new home builder, we understand that the heart of any construction project is the schedule. As a home builder, we wanted to improve our build times while still maintaining a high quality of standard. After much trial and error, and numerous hours of research we have discovered how to make this possible! Excel’s Excel-lerated Building Technique not only reduces the time required to build a home, but it also helps to cut down on errors and quality concerns significantly.

When addressing the real issues, we considered many factors and discovered that waste accounts for 5% of the overall project (clean-up and haul off) while another 10% is added to the overall timeline and schedule. At Excel, we have worked hard to ensure that we eliminate standby times, this means we hold our trade partners accountable to very rigid and condensed schedules to make sure our homes do not stand empty.

Now, we know what you may be thinking - will my house still be a quality product even though it’s being built in 90 days? The answer is of course! Just because we have shortened our build times does not mean the process is any different. As with any new build Built Green home, there will be nine inspections performed during the construction process. These inspections ensure that the house is clean, sturdy, and most importantly, safe. If anything fails inspection the sub-contractor may be asked to find an alternative method to ensure the work is complete to their standards. It is only once all the inspections have been passed that the inspector will issue a Certificate of Completion to us.

As an industry leader, we are convinced that a 90 day build time will one day become the industry standard. There is nothing that we are more passionate about than improving the quality of our homes as well as our build times. You can expect a better quality product, quicker delivery, and cleaner job sites thanks to our Excel-lerated Home Building Technique!

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