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Exl Blog Meet The Hazel 1080x1080
35 Years

Meet the Hazel: A 35th anniversary home.

Discover your perfect home with our 35th Anniversary model, the Hazel, designed with a contemporary style that combines the perfect blend of elegance and comfort.

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35 Years

Our 35th anniversary offers.

Make your home buying experience even better with these special year-long $3500 offers exclusive for 2023 . You might just find something you're interested in today!

Exl Blog Meet The Bennett 1080x1080
35 Years

Meet the Bennett: A 35th anniversary home.

Experience the comfort of home, reimagined. Say hello to our first 35th Anniversary model, The Bennett! Versatile yet functional, this is a home that grows with you.

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35 Years

Your simplest way home for 35 years.

Excel Homes is proud to announce its 35th anniversary in 2023 with a year-long celebration for our Alberta industry partners, most importantly, our customers.