Employee Spotlight: Frances Aigbugui, Customer Care & Warranty

Posted October 3, 2019 By Excel Homes

Excel Homes best-dressed award goes to...Frances Aigbugui!! Not only is she stylish but Frances is also confident, caring, and an essential part of our team. So, put your reading glasses on and get ready to learn a little bit more about our book-reading, tree climbing Customer Care and Warranty Administrator.

We had so much fun getting to know a little bit more about Frances and know you will too.

1. How did you get into the home building industry?

I have worked as a customer care services professional for most of my career in a wide range of sectors. I had not worked in construction until now. I enjoy taking on challenges and pushing myself and trying new things and my experience is well aligned with the needs of the building industry. When one has worked in a customer service job, the person will learn to take anything that is dished out to them from the customers without losing one’s cool. The person will also learn to be tough.

I care about helping people and making an impact and this career allows me to do that. What better?!

2. When did you start with excel?

I started here in May of 2019.

3. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Making A Difference – the whole point of having customer service on hand is to make customer experiences more positive and create a better brand reputation for the company. Helping customers with your expert knowledge on brands, products or services can really assist them in getting the most out of their experience with your company making transactions smoother and less complicated.

Of course, being the Warranty Admin also serves as a critical tool to interpret these products and services to the Homeowners. Although difficult at times, there’s no greater feeling than when you manage to help someone you have come to know in a limited capacity to achieve the best possible results and maximize their customer experience while also excelling for your company.

4. What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy reading in my spare time. In order to check out new literature, I am part of a monthly book club. That way, I get to read the latest books and spending time with my friends. While I like to socialize, talking about the stories keeps me sharp too.

5. What’s one fun fact about you or something that makes you unique?

Fun fact: I loved to climb trees as a kid. I was amazing at climbing them but completely horrible in getting back down. I was also shy. This combination meant that I went up the tree but then realized that there was no way I could ever get down without dying. The option of yelling for someone to help me was non-existent because I was embarrassed to death to do it. So, I spent hours in the tree, trying to decide which death would be scarier - falling off or calling for help. I ended up climbing down by myself every time.

Uniqueness: I love being different and surprising and not fitting stereotypes. I'm rather pleased to be me. I have great self-esteem and good confidence which makes me willing to seek out and accept challenges that I may not appear to be able to deliver on initially. I'm not afraid of failure. In fact, I think it is an essential part of the experimental learning process that gets you to success.