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Invest in Your Future

Smart Investment Returns Ensuring Value

Improve the potential resale value of your home with a smart investment today. Future owners will also benefit from the healthier indoor-living environment and reduced utility bills that your low-maintenance, energy-efficient BUILT GREEN® home provides.

Retain Money While Protecting Natural Resources

Save on your utility bills while protecting our natural resources. All Excel homes are installed with low flow toilets, ENERGY STAR® rated appliances, and high performance insulation. This results in energy efficiencies and waste reduction.

Quality Home Entails More Quality Time

Spend more time on what you love; less on maintenance and repairs. BUILT GREEN® homes are third-party certified to be top-performing which makes your home more resistant to warping, rotting, rusting, cracking and deterioration.

A Healthy, Smart Home Designed For A Happy Family

Reduce the stress on your family’s respiratory and immune systems with a well-ventilated home free from harmful chemicals. All Excel homes are constructed using low-to-zero VOC paints, and low-to-formaldehyde-free building materials.

Extra Excel Homes Standard

Excel meets industry standards and replaces batt insulation with spray foam insulation in the following areas: Under bonus rooms: (0.5 lb., R28); cantilevers: (2 lb., R28); rim joists and joist ends in basements and second floors: (2 lb., R20). A superior product to batt insulation, spray foam acts as a unique air and moisture barrier in one. It will not break down or shift over time and helps to maintain a more consistent R-Value, which will create a more energy efficient home.

Excel uses exterior caulking at the intersection of the exterior walls and sub-flooring to ensure a proper air seal. By creating a better seal and allowing less cold air in, your home will be more comfortable and energy efficient.

Excel uses a stronger sulphite resistant concrete mixture of 32 MPA, type 50. A higher MPA value ensures a more durable concrete for your home’s footings. Using a sulphite resistant concrete also helps to reduce build times, as all new construction requires an engineered administered sulphate test.

Excel uses 42” long insulation stops to achieve a longer extension above the attic insulation. The extended vertical length will help direct airflow further into your attic, eliminating wind vortexes. This helps keep the insulation in place, allowing it to work to its full capability while also reducing maintenance.

Most of Excels floors are designed at a 1mm (.0625”) flex over a 720mm (28”) span. The flooring in your home will have less give/bounce over a larger distance, which will help reduce floor noise (squeaking) over time.

Excel uses R40 insulation. Having a higher rated insulation in your attic will reduce heat loss, which will help to lower your heating bills.

To learn more about Built Green® Canada, visit www.builtgreencanada.ca

NOTE: Please note that certain townhomes are not Built Green® certified. Please see your Area Manager for more information. Excel Homes reserves the right to change or modify any building practices without notice.

Built Green® is a registered trademark of Built Green Canada. ENERGY STAR® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada.