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Reduce the stress on your family’s respiratory and immune systems with a well ventilated home – free from harmful chemicals. All Excel homes include a Heat Recovery Ventilator that draws in clean, fresh outdoor air and exhausts humid, stale and polluted air. The building materials we use, including our paints, adhesives and insulation, contain low-to-zero formaldehyde and VOC content.

To improve air quality even further, Excel installs a Heat Recovery Ventilator* (HRV) in every home we build. An HRV draws in clean, fresh outdoor air and exhausts humid, stale and polluted air. This helps eliminate dust, humidity and invisible pollutants found in common household substances, which can help prevent some chronic respiratory illnesses. By removing excess humidity from your home you can also help reduce any potential moisture related structural damage.

Read more about the health benefits of a BUILT GREEN® home on our blog.

*Due to building laws in the town of Cochrane, all Excel Homes in Cochrane are built using a Passive HRV.


Save on your utility bill, while protecting our natural resources. All Excel homes are installed with low flow toilets, ENERGY STAR®-rated appliances, triple pane windows and high performance insulation – resulting in energy efficiencies and waste reduction.

Save money and significantly reduce your carbon footprint with these BUILT GREEN® products that come standard in all Excel Homes:

  • ENERGY STAR®-rated appliances: All Excel homes are fitted with energy-star rated appliances including the refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer.
  • Front-Loading Washing Machines: We only use front-loading washers as they are designed to conserve water, use 75% less environmentally damaging detergents and reduce drying time with a thorough spin cycle.
  • Triple pane windows: Save energy with better insulation and less condensation. The added feature of improved noise reduction will help make your home comfortable year round.
  • Low flow toilets: All bathrooms have a low flow or high-efficiency toilet, which use approximately 1.28 gal/flush compared to the 5 gal/flush used by a traditional toilet.
  • Ventilation fans: The ventilation fans used in our bathrooms meet the ENERGY STAR® standards of efficiency and have a noise level of 1 sone or less.
  • HVAC system: All Excel HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems come equipped with a variable-speed fan. Before occupancy we power-vacuum the ducts to ensure they are free from any dust buildup produced in the building process.
  • Lumber and wood products: All manufactured wood or dimensional lumber comes from a third-party certified sustainably harvested source (CSA, FSC or CFI).
  • Recycled/recovered content: BUILT GREEN® homes use products that contain recycled and / or recovered content certified by third-party sources. Examples include gypsum, doors, window frames, wall sheathing and insulation, ceramic tile and carpet padding.
  • Insulated Garages: All attached garages are fully insulated with a minimum of R20 insulation. Increasing the thickness of insulation from R10 to R20 doubles the insulation's R-value thus cutting heat loss in half. The per-year energy savings is considerable.


Spend more time on what you love, and less on maintenance and repairs. BUILT GREEN® homes are third party certified, and all of the building materials used in Excel homes are highly durable to resist warping, rotting, rusting, cracking and deterioration.

Today, new homes will last for at least 100 years. At Excel we understand that renovating is both timely and costly, and can have a negative environmental impact in terms of energy consumption and waste. All of our homes feature a wide variety of durable products that promise to reduce ongoing maintenance and repairs.

These include:

  • Engineered lumber that resists warping
  • Reprocessed materials that will not rot or deteriorate as easily
  • Fibreglass doors that insulate more effectively (compared to steel-skinned or wood doors) and won’t warp, twist or crack – producing a longer lifespan and reducing landfill usage


Improve the potential resale value of your home with a smart investment today. Future owners will also benefit from the healthier indoor living environment and reduced utility bills that your low-maintenance, energy efficient BUILT GREEN® home provides.

Your BUILT GREEN® home will be as attractive to new buyers as it was when you purchased it.

To learn more about Built Green® Canada, visit www.builtgreencanada.ca

NOTE: Please note that our Townhomes are not Built Green® certified.

Built Green® is a registered trademark of Built Green Canada. ENERGY STAR® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada.